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Is It Safe To Buy Supplements On Amazon?

Buying supplements on Amazon may be incredibly convenient and cheap...BUT is it safe to buy supplements on Amazon, and even worth it? I mean, supplements are supplements, right? Not so fast. Supplements are not created equal. Even your local grocery store supplements may not be the most effective. So, where should you buy the highest quality supplement brands? Let’s chat about it.

Is it safe to buy supplements from Amazon?

The short answer is no. I would never recommend buying supplements from Amazon to my health clients. Even purchasing regular supplements in your grocery stores or CVS could be a waste of your money or possibly harmful to your health.

So, what’s wrong with buying supplements on Amazon?

  • No Regulation Laws

  • Counterfeit Products

  • Lack of Temp Control in Storage

  • Contamination

  • Lack of Ingredients

Amazon Doesn’t Regulate Supplements

While Amazon says they are trying to have stricter guidelines, they still aren’t regulated. While it may catch some false products, some experts are worried that Amazon is too reliant on artificial intelligence, and there may be numerous ways to cheat the system in order to get away with it.

Even if supplements on Amazon have to be regulated by the FDA, please know that this doesn’t automatically make them safe. The FDA doesn’t regulate supplements in the way they do pharmaceuticals.

Supplement companies are allowed to put products on the market, and only if a serious problem is associated with it (after it had been on the market) will the FDA investigate. Pretty much supplement companies are responsible for making sure their own products are safe and effective. Doesn’t sound too promising, does it?

Counterfeit Products on Amazon

Even if Amazon tried to catch any counterfeit products (from phone chargers to baby car seats, and yes, even supplements), some products still slip through the cracks. So honestly, who knows what is in those daily pills you are taking! Scary thought, right?

Lack of Temperature Control in Storage

Let’s say a legit supplement brand is being sold on Amazon. The issue is that Amazon warehouses and storage are not keeping those supplements in a temperature-regulated room. Even if your supplement brand is trustworthy, if they sit in a hot, humid storage room, the effectiveness of the supplements will plummet.

Most supplements have a best buy/use date on them. However, if your supplements are exposed to heat, that date is actually a lot sooner than the marked buy/use date. By the time you consume them, you’ll just be swallowing your wasted money!

Amazon Supplements Found to be Contaminated

Amazon supplements have been known to have contaminated ingredients. While the companies may include the active ingredient they are marketing, you might be consuming other unwanted ingredients like pharmaceuticals. In December of 2020, over 1000 supplements listed on Amazon, with some of Amazon’s Best Sellers and Amazon’s Choice, were even found to have illegal stimulants and drugs in them!

Supplements can also be stuffed with unhealthy fillers (aka inactive ingredients). Check out your supplement labels and see if they contain any of these:

  • Titanium Dioxide- serves only as a filler to whiten products

  • Magnesium Silicate (Talc)- has been known to cause lung problems and stomach diseases.

  • Hydrogenated Oil- could contribute to cardiovascular problems and non-absorption of essential fatty acids.

  • Coloring: Red 40, Blue 2, Yellow 5-increased risk of allergies, DNA damage, and cancer.

Lack of Ingredients

Another issue with Amazon supplements (or your normal grocery store supplements) is that they may not contain a therapeutic amount. Since these brands may simply not contain enough active ingredients, your body won’t reap any benefits. Again, you’re swallowing wasted money.

Are Supplements Worth It?

Now you might be thinking, oh crap. So are supplements worth it?

100% yes! BUT you have to use the highest quality supplement brands in order to see health benefits.

High-quality supplements have third-party testing, contain high-quality ingredients, and are in their most bioavailable form (meaning your body can absorb the nutrients easily).

Where to Buy Supplements Online

So, is it safe to buy supplements on amazon? No, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it! But don’t worry; there are still convenient ways to get safe and effective supplements online.

Here are some of the best quality supplement brands I recommend to my clients:

  • Designs For Health

  • Klaire Labs

  • Metagenetics

  • Orthomolecular

  • Integrative Therapeutics

If you want access to high-quality supplements, visit my FullScript online dispensary, where I hand-pick all the supplements from the same trusted brands, like those above, that I use with my clients. Plus, you’ll get 10% OFF your entire order! Your supplements ship right to your door, so you don’t even have to get out of your PJs!

Importance of Individualized Supplementation

If you’re interested in buying supplements, I bet you’re wanting to optimize your health, correct? While supplements can help, it’s important to take the right kinds of supplements to optimize your unique body!

Depending on your health history, genetics, current symptoms, and lifestyle behaviors, your body may be depleted of some vitamins more than others, or your body may be able to digest certain forms more efficiently over another. This is why functional lab testing is vital in optimizing your health. We can find the right vitamins, probiotics, or herbs that are personalized for your body.

Ready to Receive Personalized Care?

If this is something that interests you, I can help. I’m Jessica Meyers, an Integrative Health and Herbal Expert. I work closely with health clients over a 6-month period to get to the root cause of their symptoms.

You want to make sure you can absorb and utilize all those good nutrients you consume from supplements, so I work with my clients to optimize their gut health so you are getting the most of your supplement protocol.

While personalized supplementation is part of individualized recommendations, I also suggest herbs, nutrition guidance, and lifestyle changes. Click here to connect with me to see how we can best address your health concerns together.

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