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I Eat Healthy, Do I Still Need to Supplement?

If you are wondering, “Do I Still Need to Supplement Even if I Eat Healthy?”, the short answer is yes! Everyone should be supplementing if they want to optimize their health and feel their best.

Because here’s the deal. Our foods aren’t providing us with the kinds of nutrients they were years ago.

Even if you are eating all the right whole foods, you could still lack the amount of nutrients needed for OPTIMAL health because our soil health is DEPLETED. That tomato that used to give Grandma an ample amount of vitamin B-6 and E only gives you half of those nutrients!

Mineral Content of Veggies Has Decreased 40-60%!

In fact, did you know that the mineral content of vegetables has decreased 40-60% in the last 50 years?! Over the course of a few generations, our produce contains only a portion of what it once provided. That’s pretty hard to believe, right?

Why is Soil Health Plummeting?

How could our soil health be declining so quickly? Good question. Conventional agriculture uses practices that deplete the soil’s nutrients.

These practices include:

  • Spraying pesticide (like glyphosate)

  • Mono-cropping

  • Plant breeding for bigger produce

Pesticides (like well-known weedkiller, RoundUp) can reduce the microbial biodiversity in the soil and can even affect earthworms- which are vital to healthy soil.

Over time, these pesticide residues can not only contribute to poor soil health, but they can impact our health by getting into our water sources! *This is why I highly recommend using a high-quality water filter.

Mono-cropping is when portions of farmland are dedicated to one plant, like just wheat or just tomatoes. The issue is when an acre of tomatoes is grown each season, they take up resources from the soil.

Normally in nature, there are other plants growing alongside tomatoes that help replenish the nutrients in the soil that are needed for the tomato plant to grow. This is because each plant has a unique set of nutrients it takes from the soil and adds to the soil.

Rotating livestock is vital to replenishing topsoil. So, for each parcel of land, one year farmers should grow tomatoes, the next year beans, the next year squash and they should rotate what crop they are growing each year. Companion planting can also provide natural pest resistance and prevent soil from drying out as fast.

Unfortunately, conventional agriculture does not support that natural way of life. Soil nutrients are completely used up and are never replaced.

Unhealthy plant breeding practices consist of trying to create bigger vegetables that are pleasing to the consumer. But as a consequence, the nutrient content is diluted. When a farmer is trying to get more yield, they are looking mostly at carbohydrate dry weight yield, with no regard as to how much vitamins and minerals are going to be boosted with it. Here’s a reminder that sometimes the tiny vibrant colored vegetables are more nutritious than the bigger ones!

What Should You Do So Depleted Soil Doesn’t Deplete Your Health?

Eat Organic Foods

First, you should always stick to consuming organic foods because they have higher amounts of nutrients compared to conventionally grown produce. Plus, when you buy organic, you are supporting healthy farming practices and healthy soil!

Supplement EVEN if you eat healthy!

Most people are eating a standard American diet consisting of highly processed and packaged foods, conventionally raised animal products, and food high in sugars. These are high in calories but low in nutrient content.

If you’re thinking “I’m good, I eat tons of veggies and fruits every day”, you should still consider supplementing. You most likely aren’t eating 100% organic all the time, and even organic foods don’t contain the amount of nutrients they did years ago.

While there’s a chance you may be reaching minimum recommended vitamin and mineral levels with diet alone, you may not be hitting optimal levels.

While 10% of the population may be deficient in vitamin B6 and 9% deficient in iron, many more people are lacking the necessary amount for biological processes to perform at their best.

The functional health standard for “normal” ranges differ a bit. We set our standard high, meaning that what your conventional doctor may determine is normal, may not be supporting your body in the best way.

Boosting specific nutrients even slightly can be the thing that rids your brain fog, anxiety, headaches, and even constipation.

While the foods we eat should be our MAIN source of minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants, supplements can you reach peak health.

I want to remind you that supplementing with a high-quality supplement brand is key to ensuring you are getting the nutrients you need (and not wasting your precious money!)

You can order highly trusted brands on my Fullscript online dispensary (Get 10% OFF). Read my previous blog on why you shouldn’t rely on Amazon for your supplements.

How Do I Know What Supplements I Should Take?

Now you’re thinking “what supplements do I need? There are a million out there!”.

This is where the magic of functional lab testing comes into play.

Functional lab tests can tell us:

  • what minerals and vitamins you’re deficient in

  • if your body is able to process them

  • if they are all at optimal levels

Your nutrient levels could be borderline low but still be considered “normal”. In order for your body to function at its highest potential, you need to make sure you are supplying your body with the necessary fuel!

Supplement to Offset Soil Depletion

Soil health impacts our health more than we know. If you struggle with insomnia, bloating, headache, fatigue, anxiety, or depression, please know that these aren’t normal and you don’t have to deal with them forever. Getting to the root cause (like nutrient deficiencies) is key to feeling the best you possibly can every day of the week.

Ready to Receive Personalized Care?

If getting to the root cause of your health issues is something that interests you, I can help. I’m Jessica Meyers, an Integrative Health and Herbal Expert. I work closely with health clients over a 6-month period to get to the root cause of their symptoms.

You want to make sure you can absorb and utilize all those good nutrients you consume from REAL FOODS & SUPPLEMENTS, so I work with my clients to optimize their gut health so you get the most of your supplement protocol.

While personalized supplementation is part of individualized recommendations, I also suggest herbs, nutrition guidance, and lifestyle changes. Click here to connect with me to see how we can best address your health concerns together.

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