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Top 5 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Health

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Top 5 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Health

Living out a healthy lifestyle isn't as complicated as it's made out to be. Simple swaps and lifestyle changes can add years to your life and give you more energy for years to come. Who says your health has to decline just because you age? Creating healthy habits now can help you stay active, healthy, and happy into your nineties! So, I have a question for you. How are your current habits? Are they promoting health or sabotaging it?

Here are 5 ways you may be sabotaging your health without knowing it, along with 5 healthy fixes to do instead! Let's jump in.

1. Snoozing the Morning Away

Sleeping in or slapping on your sunglasses as soon as you walk outside each morning is messing with your body's natural clock. Your circadian rhythm needs the morning sun to hit your eyes (retina, to be more specific) to keep you energized during the day and sleeping well at night.

Fix: Get yourself out in the daily morning sun. This can help your circadian rhythm get back into a natural flow. Morning sunlight will encourage cortisol production to give you the energy you need for the day and inhibit melatonin production (which is needed for quality sleep). You can even grab your breakfast and coffee and sit outside while you enjoy your meal. You can take that time to breathe, get your mind ready for the day AND get morning sunshine on your face.

2. Skimping on the Protein Intake

Do you skip breakfast, have a salad for lunch, and wonder why you are dragging? Your body needs amino acids from quality animal sources to keep you running. You don't store amino acids, so you must have an adequate daily intake, or you're going to want to call it a day in the early afternoon!

Fix: Be sure to consume high-quality protein at every meal. Instead of grabbing for a granola bar or a bowl of fruit, make a veggie scramble with turkey sausage or an egg on top. And don't forget to switch it up a bit! Buy different types of animal meat (chicken, fish, beef) and different cuts (chicken thighs, chicken breast, etc.) to ensure you are eating a variety of amino acid profiles each meal.

3. Chugging Coffee At Your 1 PM Meeting

Drinking coffee all day long can really put your body into a "what the heck is going on" mode. If you are that tired by midafternoon, coffee is the LAST thing you need. Work on cutting back on the coffee while uncovering the real cause of your exhaustion (like not enough protein, sunshine, or even a hormonal imbalance).

Fix: Cut back on the caffeine and stick to one cup in the morning. Make sure it's organic too! Read this blog, Is Your Coffee Making You Sick," to find out why. If you need extra focus for work, Wildcrafter coffee makes an organic coffee infused with herbs like ashwagandha root and bacopa herb to enhance focus and clarity. If you feel yourself dozing in the early afternoon, step outside to give yourself some fresh air and sunshine to wake up your senses.

4. Buying Random Supplements on Amazon

Taking random supplements, you bought off Amazon without testing to see what you actually need could be sabotaging your health. Functional nutrient testing helps us know exactly what your unique body needs, so you aren't over supplementing with what you don't need. Not only are you wasting money on unnecessary supplements, but you could be making your health worse. Plus, let's not forget that supplements on Amazon could be ineffective, contaminated or include unhealthy fillers.

Fix- Replace any vitamins and minerals you are deficient in after functional testing. Order from high-quality sources, so you know that the supplement you take is actually making a difference in your body (because they are in their most bioactive form and because they contain a therapeutic amount of active ingredients). I have an online dispensary where you can order the highest quality supplements. I use these for my personal health as well as recommend these to my health clients.

5. ONLY Incorporating Running for Your Workout

If the only exercise you are doing is cardio-focused exercise, we need to chat. Participating in exercises like running every day can lead to burnout and overuse injuries. If you are stressed and sleep-deprived, pay extra attention not to overdo it here. Make sure you vary your exercise, focusing on weight-bearing exercises to build and maintain muscle and bone tissues and HIIT for that cardio and conditioning.

Fix: Include weight-bearing exercises and HIIT workouts. You can even switch it up based on your menstrual cycle if you menstruate. During your follicular phase, focus on running, HIIT and biking. During ovulation, focus on HIIT, running, and strength training. But then during your luteal phase and menstruation, slow it down and include yoga, pilates, and walking. Having a diverse level of workouts is key to staying healthy and fit for years to come.

Now that you know the top 5 ways you are sabotaging your health read my previous blog on 5 FREE health hacks you can incorporate into your daily or weekly routine to ENHANCE your health. These small but effective changes to your lifestyle can make a drastic impact in the long run. The key to optimal health isn't going on a diet here and there and working out every other week. Small daily habits are what is going to set you up for a long healthy life.

End Your Health Sabotage and Work with a Functional Health Expert

If you want to create healthy habits to live a long, happy and healthy life, please reach out to me. I'm Jessica Meyers, a Functional Health and Herbal Expert. I help clients live their healthiest life through personalized nutrition, targeted supplements, functional testing, and lifestyle recommendations. Apply to work with me here, and I'll create customized protocols unique to your body and walk with you through your health journey. We are about to create a lifestyle for you that will have you feeling amazing for years to come.

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