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Are you ready for a reset? Need to detoxify the body, and put healthy habits back into place? If you are ready to start the new year with a solid foundation of health, I invite you to get started with The PhytoHealth Reset. This program will provide you with everything you need to enjoy 14 days dedicated to implementing healthy habits and giving your body the nutrients it needs to support optimal detoxification.

Program running January 10-23, 2022


Phyto means plant.

The PhytoHealth Reset is your path to better health, anchored by the 14-day plant based detoxification kit included in your registration. 

The PhytoHealth Reset includes: 

 14-day Detox kit containing-

  • Twice-daily detox smoothie packets (blend with berries, ice, and dairy-free milk or water for full meal replacement smoothies). These smoothies are nutrient-rich and contain herbs and vitamins that support gentle detoxification.

  • Twice-daily supplement packets, high in nutrients specific to phase 1 & phase 2 detoxification, and the proper digestion of proteins.

  • A program guide with clear guidelines outlining which foods to eliminate and which foods to enjoy during your program.

  • A shaker bottle to blend your smoothies quickly.


  • Access to my exclusive wellness app, which allows you to track your diet, movement, sleep, weight, fluid intake, symptoms, and more. When you track these things, I can follow along with your progress. You can even send me photos of your smoothies and meals.

  • Daily inspiration and helpful reminders via the app. Think of this as your “health coach in your pocket”!

  • A complete meal plan, including recipes and shopping lists.

  • The ability to message me through your wellness app, to ask questions or seek guidance during your program.

  • Group Zoom with Jessica to educate, inspire, and reflect upon your journey!

Register by January 5, 2022 for just $287 to ensure you are ready to start on January 10th!

Once your registration is processed, your kit will be mailed to you and you will receive a welcome email with further information.

Please consult with your medical team prior to purchase if you have any medical conditions. 

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