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Functional and Integrative Health Strategy


Say goodbye to nagging symptoms, low energy, and feeling “fine.”

How are you feeling?

 If it’s anything less than exceptional, I’d like to change that. 

  • Sleep all night but still feel exhausted

  • Hormones just “out of whack”

  • Constantly bloated

  • Brain fog

  • No energy

  • Soooo tired but you just can’t fall asleep

  • Can’t lose weight no matter what you do

  • Always struggling with your mood


These may be common complaints, even attributed to “just getting older,” but they sure aren’t normal. 


Have you been spinning your wheels trying to get healthy?


Have you tried seemingly every diet, supplement, and health hack without results?

Image by Vladislav Muslakov

That’s where I come in.

I can help you reclaim your health.

Faster results

Precise recommendations

Wellness that lasts!


Restore Your Resilience 

Functional Health Coaching

with Jessica Meyers, Phytohealth LLC

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

resilience [ ri-zil-yuhns, -zil-ee-uhns ]


1. the power or ability of a material to return to its original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched.

2. the ability of a person to adjust to or recover readily from illness, adversity, major life changes, etc.

3. the ability of a system or organization to respond to or recover readily from a crisis, disruptive process, etc.

With a focus on gut health, hormone health, environmental detoxification, mood & mindset we’ll discover exactly what is going on in your body, so you can say goodbye to “just fine” health for good! You want to get well and stay well no matter what the pace of your life. 


With Restore Your Resilience, we'll work together to find the answers to all the questions that are holding you back-

  • What vitamins and minerals you are deficient in?

  • How well your body is detoxifying?

  • What your toxic load looks like?

  • Are your mitochondria healthy?

  • Exactly what bacteria are in your gut?

  • Do you have hidden infections?

  • Are you metabolizing hormones optimally?

  • What food sensitivities do you have?

  • Are you reacting to environmental chemicals?


When you know how your body is functioning on a biochemical level, you can make the changes necessary to function at peak performance no matter what comes your way- that's resilience!. 


Your optimal health isn’t just personal. It affects:


Work performance

Family life

Wealth potential

Use of personal gifts & talents


I bet you’ve been trying to get healthy for a while… but maybe Doctor Google isn’t the best one to help you reach your goals. 


You need a personalized plan and support based on your entire health story and unique biochemistry. 

What if you could re-set your body, optimize your health, and uplevel your performance?

Great sleep.

Optimal weight.

No brain fog.

No bloating.

Amazing focus.

It’s time to commit to your health, your productivity, and your best life. 

Hi, I’m Jessica and I help high-achievers reclaim their health and beat burnout. 

You work hard, but can't play like you want because somewhere along the way, you forgot how to care for yourself. Now you are exhausted, burnt out, and noticing weird symptoms popping up left and right that have you asking, "Am I really old enough for THAT?" Your work suffers when you aren't feeling 100% physically, so you keep pushing harder to run the company, manage employees, and reach that next promotion.

I understand, and I've been there too! When I first started my career as a Physician Assistant in a busy practice, I felt great and was so sure I could keep up the fast pace forever. Along came my first child, and I didn't slow down. Not when I started having odd stomach problems, not when I felt so wired that I couldn't sleep even though I was beyond tired, and not even when the cumulative effect of stress and poor sleep wrecked havoc on my hormones. 

When conventional medicine told me "I don't know," functional and integrative medicine healed me. I was obsessed with this approach to care and on a mission to spread the word.

As I pivoted my focus from conventional Western medicine, I started studying clinical herbal medicine with the world-renowned Dr. Tieraona LowDog, becoming a Registered Herbalist. I enrolled in the School of Applied Functional Medicine for yet more training. I poured over research, attended conferences, and perfected my craft. I became fascinated by the traditional stories of herbal uses, and how modern science validates their use. I had a passion ignited for digging deep into the "why" behind every presentation of dis-ease, and not stopping until finding a root cause

This approach helped me, it helps my clients, and it can help you too. 


Is this you?



You’ve spent the last few years 110% focused on work so you can get that promotion. You’ve earned the salary, the home, and the title of your dreams. But you can’t enjoy it all because you’re exhausted, can’t sleep, and plagued by nagging symptoms brushed off as “just getting older.” You want to feel at home in your body again so you can not only work hard, but play hard too.



You traded the 9-to-5 for freedom and control over your work life, but now you are struggling to be always “on.” You have a company to run, employees relying on you, and taking a break sounds like a completely foreign concept. You’re getting burnt out, but the job still has to get done. You want to uplevel your productivity to create more hours in your day and finally get some true self-care.

Everyone ready to recommit to health!


You’re juggling the home, the kids, the job. Everyone’s relying on you to take care of them. But who’s taking care of you? Over time you’ve forgotten how important it is to fill your own cup, so you can pour into others. Now, you're constantly on edge trying to manage all the schedules and projects. The weight is creeping up and your mood is down. You want clarity in how to optimize your health, find some serious energy, and get the greatest impact for your effort.

What you’ll get in the 6-month

Restore Your Resilience

Coaching Program:  

Comprehensive Case Review Session

A 60-90 minute deep dive into your health story geared towards finding the root-causes of your current level of health, and mapping out a path to wellness.  Includes rapid relief recommendations to get you started feeling well from the moment we finish our very first session. 


3 virtual visits each month  

We meet frequently, for 30-45 minutes, to keep you on track, review functional testing, answer all your questions, and lead you to your best health


Email Support

Need more support? Have questions that come up between sessions? No problem! All 6-month 1:1 clients get unlimited email support for real time answers to anything that comes up.


Access to functional health testing

After our first session, you will receive personalized functional lab recommendations that give us a deeper look at how your body is working, and allow us to customize dietary and lifestyle upgrades to accelerate your journey to resilient health. Functional lab kits may be ordered directly by the client though our third-party lab partners. Testing recommendations may include gut health, hormonal patterns, nutritional and toxin levels, and food sensitivities. Some kits may require a blood draw, which can be done in the comfort of your home or office, at a nominal fee paid to the lab company directly. 


Customized supplement and herbal recommendations

Based on your results, goals, and preferences, I’ll devise a customized supplement plan to make sure you are getting everything you need, and nothing you don’t! Supplement costs are not included, but all clients get exclusive steep discounts on all supplements through my supplement store. 


Guided Lifestyle Upgrades

When it comes to health, I am all about creating a life that makes it simple to do the things that keep you well. From cleaning products and decor materials, to your water and air, to how you move, eat, and sleep. We’ll talk about all these things and more to create the most efficient use of your time and environment for supporting health.


Email summary of each session

So you don’t forget any of the valuable information we discuss, and can refer back as needed. 

Ready to commit to six?

Click below to complete your new client application and schedule a complementary Clarity Call with Jessica.

Not quite ready for a full coaching program?


I also offer a one time Case Review appointment. Let’s call it your power hour, because of how information packed and life changing this one appointment is!


Our virtual 1:1 session together is 60-90 minutes. We talk about everything from your birth and childhood, to current roadblocks to health, your story of when things changed, and a very comprehensive overview of what is and isn’t working well in your body. I walk you through how different events and dysfunctions are contributing to your current level of health.


Then we’ll talk about how to change that story. What will functional labs clarify for us? What lifestyle changes need to happen now? What supplements or herbs can we start to offer you rapid relief in your most bothersome areas?


After our session, I’ll send you an email recap of everything we talked about and all my recommendations.


After just ONE session, my clients are well on their way to health, confident in having a plan focused on THEM, and within days starting to see improvements in areas they had all but given up on.

Looking for more? Schedule a complementary clarity call to discuss all the options to work 1:1 together and find the best fit for your needs and readiness. 

Client Wins

I have noticed it has been much easier for me to fall asleep most nights and feeling a little more focused and alert throughout the day

Since we started working together, the scale shows almost a 15 lb difference. I also notice from day to day my weight isn't swinging up and down by 5 lbs like it was.

I have definitely noticed a change in how I feel when I do get outside, even for a few minutes, first thing in the morning. Not only do I feel more awake and alert throughout the day, I feel like that has helped set me up for the day by giving me a few moments to meditate as I'm walking and set good intentions for the day.

I almost never burp anymore. I'm back to feeling super balanced. Pooping 3 times a day and no digestive discomfort! I'm thrilled!

I finally feel seen. My doctor has been saying my labs are fine, but I don't feel fine. We discussed multiple options to find the best fit for my goals and lifestyle, and as I told her many times, they were "totally reasonable". I have a plan and finally feel confident moving forward

I am definitely calmer than ever, so much more patient with my kids, & am noticing my relationships with my kids being a lot easier.

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